Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Dragon Profiles: Creative Writing

A Dragon Rider without a dragon does not bode well career-wise. Good thing you, as a Dragon Rider, have placed an ad seeking a dragon in the local news scrolls. Just your luck three dragons have applied! It is up to you to create the profiles with information on your dragons and come to a decision on which dragon will make you live up to your title.

Dragon Profiles: Creative Writing is my second dragon-themed writing assignment after Dragon Persuasive Writing- with OREO Format, which I blogged on earlier. Focusing on descriptive details and essay format, students write profiles for each of the three dragons that applied and for themselves as the Dragon Rider. Instead of writing first and then coloring the dragons, the order is switched with coloring first and writing the details second. I've found that my students wanted to change quite a bit of a drawing, even when it contradicted the writing, when writing before coloring. So, this time, color first, write second. The color rule doesn't apply to all subjects in my classroom, just when the illustration coloring details are necessary in the writing. Yes, nothing would ever be accomplished in math when coloring first, sad to say!

After profile satisfaction is complete, on to the paragraph writing it is! A handy full-color teacher example is just the thing to help students organize the profile details into paragraph format. Note: The teacher example combines a profile with a space to write the paragraph. The actual assignment for students separates the profiles from the writing paper.

For the essay format, students organize the essay in the order from the student prompt page. Starting with the dragon rider, working their way through the three dragons, the essay is finished off with the choice of dragon.

After the rough draft is written, edited, and revised, the final draft writing paper is ready to finish the process. It doesn't look like much at the beginning, but just add the profile of the chosen dragon from the profile page, and the journey is complete with a happy ending. Sky Fire writing page is included here only to show you how pretty a final page will look! 😉 It is not in the actual file for download.

As mentioned above, Dragon Persuasive Writing-in OREO Format is creative persuasive fun found in my TPT store at the indicated link above. I also offer up some pirate writing delight called Journey Around the World: Pirate Writing Project with tie ins to geography at my store as well and to be blogged on in the future.

To all you creative writers, I bid you good night and fantastic story adventures!

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