Sunday, May 7, 2017

Pirate Resources for the Themed Classroom: Part 1

I'm a theme kind of gal! In the school year, our class explores and delves into three themes. We start with pirates, segue into ninjas, and end with a medieval theme. I've already posted on Medieval and Fantasy resources for your classroom. Check it out if that theme intrigues you.

Let's take a look at some of my favorite resources for a pirate themed classroom. There are so many wonderful resources out there to discover and inspire your classroom theme, but here's a few to get started.

This post covers Class Décor, Posters, Labels, Signs, Clipart, and Math. Pirate Resources for the Themed Classroom Part 2 covers Writing, Spelling, Grammar, Social Studies and Art. I personally don't like really long posts that take forever to load. It's just my personal preference.

Class Décor, Posters, Labels, Signs

I fell in love with the frog pirates for these posters. I used them on a corner of my whiteboard as we introduced and learned each concept. So cute!

Just perfect! You can use these to create signs too!

Student Jobs (Freebie)

Pirate Classroom Documents- Read about it on my blog post!

Table Numbers (Freebie)

Welcome Sign (Freebie)

There are signs for Pre-K through 5th Grade. I hung mine on the outside door for the first day.

Word Wall (Freebie)

The words were not at my students' grade level, but it includes blank labels for your own words!

Pirate Voices (Freebie)


Pirate Owls (Freebie)

Pirate Clipart (Freebie)


Pirate Arrays Treasure Hunt- Read it about it on my blog post.

Geometry Bingo (Freebie)

This is one set from a whole series of Treasure Number Lines. Read about the whole series here. You can also check out a few freebies from the series below. There's more freebies at my TpT store too!

More Pirate Themed Resources for Writing, Spelling, Grammar, Social Studies and Art in the next post.

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