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Quest for the Kingdom: An End of the Year Math Review Project: Gamification Style

That's a very long name. It is accurate though! It is also completely my style of project. Why not combine the idea of gamification where students level up, earn badges, and unlock rewards with my ever favorite notebook projects!

I'm laughing a bit as I write this, because I remember commenting on how my Castle Architect Project had sooooo many pages. Well, this one has it beat by 30 pages! Apparently, I like really big projects in general.

So what is this Quest for the Kingdom: An End of the Year Math Review Project: Gamification Style? It is a 3rd grade math review that has been put in a medieval game format and keeps track of all the themed activities in a notebook that makes a great keepsake of 3rd grade.

Prepping everything at the beginning allows the students to flow through the game assignments at their own pace. File folders with the levels are posted with the activities in them. Hang them on the wall, and let the students go! File folders have color or black and white options for printing.

The game has students leveling up through a medieval hierarchy. Students start off as a Serf and working in the village garden (arrays) and work their way up through Peasant, Page, Squire, Knight, Lord, and finally to the very top, the Monarch! Each activity is themed for not just medieval times but relates to the hierarchy level as well. So while the serfs, peasants, and pages tend to do more manual labor, the knights and lords are protecting the people and country.

Watch a video preview!

9 Activities and 2 Bonus Activities:

♦ Village Garden- Arrays
♦ Curtain Wall- Polygons and Multiplication
♦ Feast Fractions- Fractions of groups, unit fractions, story problems
♦ Tournament Checkbook- Addition and Subtraction
♦ Catch the Brigidane Band- Bar Graphs, Tally Charts, Data Analysis
♦ Queen's Jewelry Sort- Sorting Polygons
♦ Manor Repair Calculations-Multiplication and Addition
♦ Repair Taxes- Subtraction and Division
Castle Siege- Elapsed Time
♦ Bonus Badge #1- Cursive Letter and Data Analysis
♦ Bonus Badge #2-Siege Engine Attack- Division

Also Included:

♦ Teacher Information Pages
♦ Notebook Layout Pages
♦ Teacher Assignment Tracker
♦ Project Grading Sheet
♦ File Folder Labels for displaying the level assignments- available in color and black and white
♦ Game Badges in color and black and white

We like to make Quest Time fun with quest music. When the quest music plays, students drop everything and start questing. When the music stops, quest time is finished! When students level up, an official announcement is made and everyone cheers! It is a big deal! If students choose to do the Bonus Badges, special privileges are unlocked like computer medieval game time or loads of class money.

For the end of the year, it is nice to have a review project that motivates students to keep learning. Some of the activities are straight forward, others are definitely more of a challenge. The fun comes in creating a mini medieval society where the monarch gets to rule the class and make commands ( temporarily and of course under express permission from the supreme commander.)

Head on over to Morsel Tidbits to check out Quest for the Kingdom and good luck leveling up!

More fun to add to your notebooks!

You can expand on the notebook by adding art and creative writing too if you want to extend past the math review. I get a little carried away with my themes sometimes, so my notebooks end up with stories and art as well. For some fun dragon creative writing, check out my posts on Dragon Persuasive Writing and Dragon Profiles.

One particular picture started all sorts of dragon fun in our notebooks. The Dragon Eye was beautifully created by a girl named Grace in year 4/5 from the blog Once Upon an Art Room. Check out the post for a lot more Dragon Eye Art. So beautiful! Ours turned out well too.

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