Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Medieval/Fantasy Resources for your Classroom Theme: Part 2

Continuing on with some awesome medieval themed classroom resources, check out writing and art ideas below. If you're looking for math, reading, and general knowledge resources, head to Medieval/Fantasy Resources for your Classroom Theme: Part 1.


Castle for Sale is a freebie! Get those budding real estate agents to thinking with a fun persuasive writing assignment.

Dragon Persuasive Writing allows students to choose between 3 scenarios in which they need to persuade a dragon to do something. The assignment is set up in the OREO format.

Dragon Profiles: Creative Writing features dragons responding to a dragon rider's newspaper advertisement.

Fairy Tale Story Map is a freebie graphic organizer to help set up some fantasy fun.


Water Color Castles are a beautiful way to incorporate art into a subject. We used ours for creative writing for fantasy kingdoms. Check out the link for more examples for inspiration.

Dragon Eyes started all sorts of dragon inspired activities in our classroom. More beautiful student examples are posted for additional inspiration for your students.

Try making a stained glass window with this fun activity. I didn't have the materials on hand when I spur of the moment wanted to do this activity, so I ended up making a construction paper outline, copying it and turning it into a polygon identification activity. Cutting out the white areas, the students glued tissue paper to the cut sections to create the stained glass look.  It was a bit too time consuming, so it'll be adjusted in the future. It did look fantastic though!

Make a castle bulletin board and post your themed activities for all to see. The castle bulletin board has examples of spelling line art that our class completed. Just pick an image and have the students recreate it using their spelling words repeated to create lines. We made knights, shields, dragons, castles, and stained glass window spelling drawings.

That's all for now! If you started on this post, don't forget to check out Part 1 of this post for math, reading, and general knowledge resources. Also, if anyone desires, I can track down my favorite medieval themed video clips to post. Let me know in the comments, and the hunt will begin. Best of luck with your classroom theme!

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