Friday, April 21, 2017

Pirate Arrays Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunts and Pirates go together! Great for birthday parties, adventures, active imaginations, and now for the classroom! ☺

After creating my Pirate Treasure Hallway Hunt, I wanted to have a similar treasure hunt that would be useful in the classroom. The hallway is great, but is reserved for special events. I wanted the same fun, but contained in my classroom. It'd still get the students out of their desk, engage them in more pirate themed treasure hunt fun, and of course practice and review important subject content.

The Pirate Arrays Treasure Hunt focuses on arrays and covers the following:

♦ identifying the correct array from equations
♦ writing equations for a given array
♦ drawing arrays for an equation
♦ splitting larger arrays into smaller arrays
♦ identifying errors in a pictured array

19 pirate themed question clues are hung around the classroom. The fronts of the cards have letters to unlock a secret message while the backs have the review questions.

Students carry with them a student folder with the secret message to be decoded on top, a treasure map to fill in as questions are answered, and the student answer sheet packet. The treasure map makes it handy to keep track visually of what questions have been answered and to allows students to easily pick up where they left off if completing the treasure hunt over the course of a few sessions.

The final clue sends students to you, their captain, for a quick check of their work. If all passes muster, on to the treasure chest of goodies they go!

To obtain this treasure of a math review, head on over to my TpT store.

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