Sunday, May 7, 2017

Pirate Resources for the Themed Classroom: Part 2

More goodies for your pirate themed classroom! Check out Pirate Resources for the Themed Classroom: Part 1 for Class Décor, Posters, Labels, Clipart, and Math. This post will cover resources for Writing, Grammar, Spelling, Social Studies, and Art. Enjoy!

Writing, Grammar, Spelling

Writing Checklists (Freebie)

Join Captain Smelly Nose Hair and his crew on an adventure around the world and then create your own story using a map, graphic organizer, and themed writing paper. A teacher example is included! Students also use maps and directions along the journey as a review of geography concepts.

Pirate Spelling Booklet Templates

Use your own spelling lists in 3 different pirate themed booklets. Each booklet has a variety of activities to practice spelling words pirate style!

Fun Writing Prompts (Freebie)

Social Studies

4 worksheets dealing with coordinates on a grid and keys. Great for review or during your geography unit.

Includes teacher example, path created, and a create your own path for practicing cardinal and intermediate directions. Direction clues are created for each leg of the journey and all pieces are arranged neatly onto a project page.

This is a general review, but has geography questions on it. 42 questions are hung on clue cards for students to search out and answer in a student notebook. A secret message is unlocked as students find and solve problems and a handy map keeps track of how many questions have been found.


We made our own version of this one in a couple of different formats for different spelling weeks.

Just so cute! We made our own version of this which turned out very cute as well.

We created our own map with this blank map and tied it into geography with keys and directions. It would also work well for writing projects too. The link has other treasure maps for coloring available as well.

Pirate Ships! This is great to accompany any pirate writing adventure. A lot of my pirate art activities get incorporated into math or writing.

More pirate arts and crafts for your viewing pleasure can be found on my Pinterest Pirate Board.

Well Mateys, we've reached the end. There are so many other amazing pirate activities out there. Hopefully you got some inspiration from the activities you've seen so far. I'll leave you with this fun classroom community builder. Every year, our class would dress up as pirates and film a fun pirate video featuring some concept from the class that we had learned. After school later that day, students and parents would meet up at Krispy Kreme for free doughnuts for Talk Like A Pirate Day. If you have a Krispy Kreme near you, start watching for Talk Like A Pirate Day events in September.

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