Monday, January 30, 2017

Tournament Checkbook: Leveled Addition and Subtraction Activity

Dear Squire,
                    Of your many duties in serving Sir Francis the 3rd, attending your knight at the tournament shall be both exciting and educational. Sir Francis is allowing you the honor of keeping record of his expenses while at the tournament. Keep track carefully, lest you make a mistake. While there are many dangers in the knight livelihood, expense mistakes are of the most deadly of sorts.

                                            With upmost regard,
                                                                  Captain Pierre

Find it here!

Welcome to the Tournament, Squire! Perhaps one day you will be the knight battling for fame and fortune, but this day, the checkbook is yours to hold and keep. Sir Francis starts out with a certain sum and along the storied journey, you must keep track of expenses won and lost. In six instances picked out from the story, you must know when to add and when to subtract!

(On level does not have the problems underlined. For your struggling students, information in the story is underlined. For advanced students, the numbers are changed to be more challenging and will cross into the hundreds place.)

Fear not, Squire! At little help, you say? Why certainly! There are three levels to this activity in which you may choose according to your comfort level. If math is at times a struggle, you may use the register page with the numbers already included. Simply locate in the story where underlined and identify whether to add or subtract and complete the transactions.

(The on-level register is blank and must be completed using the story. The pictured one above is for struggling students who must identify whether to add or subtract the numbers from the story. For advanced students, the starting point is higher.)

Math is no problem of yours? Fill out the blank register and find the clues in the story in order to know what and when to add or subtract.

Too simple, is it? Well, my dear Squire. We are ready for that as well. This is after all, practice for your future glory. Did I say your knight started at that lower amount? It is in fact higher, and so are the numbers you will be dealing with in the story. Over the hundreds place you delve! May it be more challenging to your abilities!

Alas! Your squire friend has made a terrible error! Save him from the wrath of his knight, Sir Henry, by locating where the mistake is and completing the rest of the problems correctly! Need more of a challenge? Seek out the addition error on a different worksheet and also look closer for a tricky change of mathematical signs that will the change the outcome of the expenses.

More information to start out your tournament journey is just a click away.

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